There is NOT enough money in the system, Sarah

Yesterday, in Nursery World magazine, Sarah Teather wrote this:

She said “We have ensured there is enough money in the system through the new Early Intervention Grant (EIG) to retain the network of children’s centres”

This  article “Early Intervention Grant is cut by 11%” explains how the EIG represents a cut in funding.  (December 2010)

“Funding for intervention programmes in England, such as teenage pregnancy and youth crime support, are to be cut. Next year the government is introducing a new early intervention grant, which will be given to local authorities to distribute as they see fit. The grant will replace funding to schemes like the Youth Taskforce, the Youth Crime Action Plan, Young People Substance Misuse and Teenage Pregnancy. But it will be almost 11% less than previous funding streams. The Department for Education says in 2011-12, the overall amount that will be allocated through EIG will be 10.9% lower than the aggregated funding for 2010-11. In 2012-13 it will be 7.5% below the 2010-11 figure.”

The money isn’t ringfenced either so individual programmes are vulnerable. Michael Gove, the education secretary said: ‘The EIG is not ring-fenced, giving local authorities the flexibility to respond to local needs and drive reform, while supporting a focus on early intervention across the age range.”

And here are just a few examples of forthcoming CUTS to children’s centres:

Manchester to privatise all its children’s centres (February 2011)

“Closure threat to ‘250 children’s centres”  (January 2011)

And in Lewisham (February 2011) “As part of its £88 million cuts package, Lewisham Council is proposing to cut Sure Start Children’s Centres budgets by 20% from March and then hand them all over to private providers by September”

In Hammersmith & Fulham

In Hampshire County Council

Warwickshire County Council

London Borough of Barnet

There is NOT ‘enough money in the system’, Sarah.

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3 Responses to There is NOT enough money in the system, Sarah

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  2. Sarah Hayward says:

    The cut is actually worse in deprived areas. Camden’s EIG was cut by 22% – not the national average of 11%. There simply isn’t enough money to keep providing the services that were there before.

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