Pupil Premium: Not enough and not new money

Deputy PM to claim ‘pupil premium’ victory I’m sure people will be really impressed that despite the huge failure on stopping the rise in tuition fees which the Lib Dems facilitated, they will get their flagship pupil premium policy through. And as it will be so effective at improving social mobility and narrowing the gap between rich and poor, it will help ‘heal the divided party’.

The problem is, it is not new money and it’s nowhere near enough.

This report from the NCB: ‘consultation on schools’ funding – introducing a Pupil Premium – NCB response’ was published in October 2010. It says the anticipated figure for the Pupil Premium was around £2000 per pupil. There certainly have been cutbacks; this has been reduced to 22% of that figure in 2 months! Even the £2000 figure was considered not enough to cover the loss of funding for poorer pupils which will happen due to ‘central sources of additional funding drying up’.

The NCB refers to IFS research which is reported here 

Danny Alexander said here   “By doing things like freezing the pay of public sector workers, including teachers, we are giving more spending power to schools but we are seeking to focus rises within that on the most disadvantaged children.” So cutting the pay of the people charged with educating our young children, including those who are deprived, is paying for the pupil premium. Along with cuts to EMA and School Sports Partnerships. Great.


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One Response to Pupil Premium: Not enough and not new money

  1. I am hearing from teachers that funding for one-to-one help for pupuls who are falling behind is disappearing as is help for schools in more deprived areas. If the pupil premium means that additional funding strictly follows those with free school meals, some schools in wealthy areas will find themselves with extra money they probably don’t need as even they are bound to have some children on FSM. In deprived areas where not every child is on FSM funding will be reduced in the redistribution.

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