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Were Academies ever a good idea? An Academic question? Or one which requires consideration?

I was at the Fabian Society Hustings last night in London on 14th June 2010. Following a question regarding 3 things the contenders would rather Labour hadn’t done or had got wrong, Gaby Hinsliffe asked the audience for other suggestions. … Continue reading

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Cuts to SEN funding in education?

  Here are the details of the £670million education cuts from Mike Baker. What caught my eye was the £311 million cut in the Area Based Grant which is the money local authorities get for spending on education which isn’t … Continue reading

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Is Ed Balls right on wage-depressing effects of immigration?

  Ed Balls has written an article in the Observer today and to be honest, I don’t understand all of it. The bit that seems (unsurprisingly) to have prompted most comment on twitter is Balls’ opinion that Eastern European … Continue reading

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